The Swet Shop Boys, Riz MC and Heems are back with a new song titled “T5” produced by Redinho. T5 is part of the new Swet Shop Boys album “Cashmere” releasing in October. This song looks at the way the two artists are treated when they fly around the world.

Swet Shop Boys album Cashmere Tracklist

The new Swet Shop Boys album “Cashmere” has songs titled “Zayn Malik”, “Shottin”, “No Fly List”, and “Swish Swish”. Here is the full track list from Cashmere, Swet Shop Boys:

01 “T5″
02 “Shottin”
03 “Aaja”
04 “Zayn Malik”
05 “Tiger Hologram”
06 “No Fly List”
07 “Phone Tap”
08 “Half Moghul Half Mowgli”
09 “Swish Swish”
10 “Shoes Off”
11 “Din-e-llahi”

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