Selena Jasmine Vlogs Desi Fest Music Festival in Toronto

Selena Jasmine Interviews has now interviewed Desi Fest in Toronto, and before this event, Selena was scouted at the Toronto Raptors’ basketball games.  Selena has also worked for major broadcast channels in Canada and now, Selena Jasmine has also joined us at the Desi Fest Music Festival in Toronto.

Hey guys!

This diary shows you my first experience at DesiFest Toronto, from interviews, to MC’ing and t-shirt tosses (forever throwing tshirts lol Raptors now this ahah), to a great day embracing South Asian culture, I would say my experience was awesome. Enjoy!


Super-star interviewer Selena Jasmine was selected by Desi West TV to interview performers at Desi Fest Music Festival in Toronto. And this video highlights her experience.

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