Raja Kumari ‘Live In Goa’ Live

Raja Kumari revisits her hit songs in her release titled “Live In Goa” that was originally scheduled for concert which was unfortunately cancelled. Raja Kumari’s concert “Live In Goa” was cancelled, her album was delayed and India was heading into it’s second lockdown.

“As the pressure built around us, we looked within and the only answer was the music. Hope you enjoy this stripped down, honest version of myself and my music.”

Raja Kumari ‘Live In Goa’ Credits

Artist : Raja Kumari
Team : Karan Pandav, Jose Neil Gomes, Nathan Thomas, Agneya Chikte
Director : Kirti Narain
Stylist : Sallony Mahendru
Asst Stylist : Jharna Das, Anup Singh
Executive Producer : Raja Kumari
Production : Urban Beat Project
FOH : Jonathan Furtado
Sound Engineer : Ignacio Larraza, Karan Pandav

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