Who We Are

We celebrate, empower and support our community in everything we do. 

Desi West is a purposeful brand committed to raising awareness for many ethnic backgrounds and cultures.  

We love empowering others so they can confidently perform at their best.

Our Vision

In a perfect world, Desi West offers an opportunity to create festive change and encourage every one to join the desi life style. Desi West is proud to support and unite people of all ethnic backgrounds and various cultures from around the world.

Our Mission

Desi West represents diversity, multiculturalism, equality and inclusion. Desi West offers a unique opportunity to protect our heritage and promote our culture. We are honored to support creativity and purposeful innovation within our communities.

Every Single Purchase Makes A Difference

Together, with your support, our team at Desi West is making a change. With every single purchase, portions of the sale are given back to charity.

In line with our purpose-driven mission, giving back is ingrained in everything we do. Through our platform, we are on-track to donate to those in need.

Desi West Platform

We are the first desi platform to unite people of various ethnic backgrounds in the mainstream. We did that to make it easy for the desi community to be recognized as one. And because there needed to be a platform where our community could share their stories, and where we could celebrate them every day.

Desi West Community

Desi West Apparel

Desi West is an ethnically inspired apparel brand and other products feature an unmatched combination of comfort, durability, function and style, all at an affordable price. We redefined who desi’s are with our world wide movement.

Desi West Shop

Join The Team

Our team is filled with dreamers, do-ers and team players who integrate innovation, positivity and purpose into everything we do.