In an attempt to “Bring Back Apu” from “The Simpsons” Akaash Singh presents the world with his new, stand-up comedy special titled “Bring Back Apu”.

Akaash Singh is an Indian-born American comedian from New York that has starred in many shows including  MTV’s Guy Code and Wild’n Out, Netflix’s Brown Nation, and HBO’s The Leftovers.  Akaash is also starring in a podcast alongside his friend ‎Andrew Schulz.

Bring Back Apu by Akaash Singh Comedy Special

Here is what Akaash had to say about his Bring Back Apu comedy special.

What’s good, guys?! This is my first special, Bring Back Apu, and it truly is special to me. Because somewhere along the line, South Asians started trying to cash in on victimhood currency. Complaining about cartoon characters, people mispronouncing our names, and God knows what else.

And then Akaash goes on to say the following.

But we were raised better than that. Our parents, grandparents, uncles and aunties taught us dominate everything we do, just like they did when they made it here. And it is our privilege to carry that tradition forward. So it’s time to end all the victim shit and taking our identity back.

Thank you Akaash for your new comedy special “Bring Back Apu”.  Hopefully Apu will reincarnate in a future Simpsons episode.


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