Toronto based rapper, Boozy a.k.a Bollywood Booz visits Hollywood for his new music video “Big Dreamz”.

His Brand New Single “BIG DREAMZ” taken all over the city of L.A The song features artist Jhyve and was produced by J. Staffz

Bollywood Booz Big Dreamz Lyrics

So what does that mean to you and I
I’m awake chasing my dreams, until the day I shine
Unfathomed and unseen, to the naked eye
but my eyes visine clear, for taking my
stars out the constellation
constantly getting mine
hitting hard liquor go figure
when its percentage time
spitting bars I shit on the game
you constipation rhyme
life is what you make it and me…
I’m gon’ make it mine!
if my concentration in conversation
unlock the combination
to allow me to get the destination
of countless compensation

Than this dude done made it

Dudes is gone hate it
some rate it and gon’ debate it

but me

im gon’ get faded,
looking up like I’m the greatest
opportunity presence itself
so I display it

tryna get my paperstack, tall as sky scrapers

I got these haters mad

I ball Hard

No Lakers

of me on t.v and movie screens
rubberband stacks…bulgin out ur boys jeans
model chicks, singers, actressess, prom queens, porn stars
all addicted to me like morphine
screamin more please…never gettin enough of me

livin life so comfortably, living the life of luxury
no haters…no snakes, f***ery
but more acres of land, estates and property

life dealt me, two 2’s and three 3’s
but imma flip that hand into 2 kings and 3 queens

thats a full house
turnt into a bigger house

re assurance on the jack pot
im cashin out

knock a man out for it like I’m cashus clay

call my doe, usain bolt, the fastest pay

money to blow, no saving for a rainy day

throw the money in the air

let it rain away

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